Stamp Duty

On certain types of documents a duty needs to be paid to the Tax Authorities. The duties payable to the depending on the type of the documents are listed below:

Letters of guarantee


Letter of credit


Receipts (if not exempt) - for amounts over €4


Customs documents

€18 - €35

Bills of lading


Bills of exchange

(payable at sight on first demander within 3 days from demand or sight)


Charter hire document


General power of attorney


Special power of attorney


Certified copies of contracts and documents


Estate administration document


Contracts with a fixed amount:


  • For amounts up to €5.000


  • For amounts between €5.001 - €170.000


  • For amounts over €170.001

(capped at a maximum duty of €20.000 as from March 2013)


Contracts without fixed amount



  • Transactions which fall within the scope of reorganisations are exempt from stamp duty.
  • Documents relating to assets situated outside Cyprus or business affairs that take place outside Cyprus are exempt from stamp duty.

The above should be used as a source of general information only. It is not intended to give a definitive statement of the Law and is subject to the Disclaimer.

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