Tax Consulting, Planning & Compliance

At Hassapis & Co. our clients take centre stage in our business. Our focus is on doing an excellent and extensive assistance for each and every client. In order to help you achieve your planned financial goals, it is a must for you to have high quality taxation advice and assistance, to ensure the most tax efficient approach for your business or individual needs.

Our approach and methodology is tailored to your business needs so as to help you compliance with tax requirements. Please click on the section Cyprus System to find further information.

Hassapis & Co. have been providing such service for over 5 decades to minimize tax liability and chart a strategy to fulfil your needs. Our experienced team works closely with clients to ensure tax efficiency and we pride ourselves on staying abreast of any information or reforms that help us to help you.

We can assist you in all areas of Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Tax Investigations, VAT and Expatriate Services. Being tax efficient helps your business or personal finances reach maximum potential.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.